martedì 2 marzo 2010

Blog geek

I stole this... I thought it was fun!

Here are the rules: Type the answer to each question into a Google image search, and you pick an image from the first page of results…easy peasy…and kinda fun...for such a geek as me....

1. next birthday

2.I'd love to visit

3.favorite place

4.favorite food

5.birth place

6. grandma names

7. my name

8.favorite colour

9. first job

10. bad habit

last, but not least.....11.major

Holy crap,
that took a long time.
nighty night folks!

2 commenti:

Saya ha detto...

I love the last pic. Remainds me sth of familiar... who knows what LoL
Btw, never said i agree with the one child politic, just is not as bad as many occidental picture it. Something is quite good. Nothing follow the the mankind rights :D Well, maybe chineses have their own... sometimes i've this impression LoL

Gothic ha detto...

Ciao Carlotta! Siamo una famiglia italiana che potrebbe, per lavoro, doversi trasferire un paio di anni a Shenyang. Abbiamo due bimbi piccoli e tanti dubbi (asili? Parchi gioco? Strutture sanitarie? ecc.ecc). Ti saremmo grati se potessi dirci qualcosa a riguardo via mail all'indirizzo Intanto ti auguriamo buon lavoro e buon proseguimento! Matteo e Barbara