sabato 29 novembre 2008

Do you know anything about China?

Funniest commercial ever!!!
If you don't get it, the answer is no...
But here's some tips:
"Who's the President?" (Hu Jintao is actually the President)
"Are you gonna tell me who?"
"That's right!"
"The premier" (Wen Jiabao is actually the Premier)
"I pick up the phone and I call the President of China my self, ok? His secretery answers the phone, what does she say?"
"Wai?" (Wei is how you answer the phone in Chinese)
"Because I wanna see if you really know anything about China!"

Inizia un nuovo sinostupidiario. :)

domenica 9 novembre 2008


Mao, Ale ed io. :)

mercoledì 5 novembre 2008

奥巴马 AoBaMa (Astruso Aspettarsi Cavallo?)

Yes we can!
(we can produce any kind of Tshirt!!)