martedì 31 marzo 2009

I Love Faces

Week 12, Kids : Pouting!

Ok!So,first entry for the I Heart Faces photography blog. I've been checking it out since for ever ago, but I never had the right picture to post. This was just so right I couldn't wait any longer. This will definately become a weekly tread! :)

4 commenti:

Mireille ha detto...

She is a cute pouter, great entry for this week! Hope to see you next time again :-)

maggiemae and family ha detto...

cutie :)

Kristin ha detto...

What a cute picture! I don't think those lips can get any further out! Great job!

Amanda ha detto...

Way to take part in such a fun blog.. I think I Heart Faces is going to be better cause you are involved!

Great picture!

God bless-